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I was tagged by victoiresstyle (the one and only platanó)

  1. Out of the applications you’ve downloaded, which one do you use the most? Instagram or twitter.
  2. What’s one song you’ve got on replay at the moment? Flawless by Beyoncé.
  3. If you could make one of your dreams come true right now, which one would it be? Travelling around the world till I got sick of airports, train stations, etc.
  4. Do you like your name? If not, what would you rather be called? I do.
  5. Flat boots or heeled boots? A little bit of heel never killed nobody.
  6. What’s one clothing piece from the 90’s you think should make a comeback? I think the only ones I liked have already comeback
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? England or maybe France.
  8. What is your most treasured fashion piece? Zara leather jacket.
  9. Do you have any sort of hidden talent? My writting, I even won contests.
  10. What movie do you watch when you’re feeling down? Sabrina, Austenland… There are lots.
  11. Do you also think water has a taste? Depends on the water!

Almost everyone has already done this, so I’m not tagging anyone. Xx

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Autumn por ceciliapayne con zara dresses
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  Anonymous said: Can you do a fall essentials list or wishlist please? xx

I own most of my autumn wishlist, but sure honey. Xx

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  Anonymous said: Are you in high school or university? what do you want to study? :)

I’m starting uni next month, and biology. Xx

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  Anonymous said: Who's this dougie you often reblog about?

He’s the bass player in McFly. Xx

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Omg his hands

i always look at guys hands 

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La Garçonne

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